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Haiku have been allocated eight students for this years Google Summer of Code program. Overall, 417 mentoring organizations applied and 3731 students submitted 5474 proposals. Haiku is proud to be one of 175 accepted mentoring organizations, with 35 submitted proposals and 8 accepted students!

That means, that 8 people are working on eight projects that will be hopefully successfully finished at the end of this summer. It is also Haiku's opportunity to grow and refine young, intelligent, and highly motivated students into people who will continue to develop Haiku in the years to come.

Here's the overview of the accepted projects:

  • Services server and Contacts files integration
  • USB Video Driver for High-end Webcams
  • Language bindings for the C++ API
  • SDL upgrade
  • Add USB 3.0 support to Haiku
  • B√Ętisseur: a build server for all.
  • Port ZFS to Haiku
  • VirtualBox guest additions for Haiku

You can also look at the full announcement from Haiku's website for this.

Wow, driver stuff is always a good thing but also a port of the ZFS file system sounds very promising. As I use Haiku in VirtualBox, the guest additions are helpful for a lot of people I think. Looking forward! ■

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