About Fleximus

Fleximus delivers information about computer and IT security, hacking and antivirus, open source software and projects and everything a computer geek might be interested in.


IT security is one of the most interestings parts. Fleximus main competences are IT security and computer security.

Open Source

There are several approved open source licenses. Fleximus favors most the "New BSD license", the "MIT license" and under some conditions the "LGPL license".


Fleximus hosts it's own projects and license them under the terms of the "New BSD license". Background History

The name

In 2002, when I was watching out for a suitable domain name that was related to my nickname Flex. I thought of the name Maximus which reminded to a roman hero and a BBS software name. It was quite obvious to me merging these names Flex + Maximus = Fleximus. A search on the web revealed only about 3 hits to pages with that name in it. I found my name!

Fleximus Reloaded

Over the years I had so much ideas what to put on my website. I had a lot of ideas and often tried to idealistic approaches that let to a idleness in updating the web presence. Now I found the right way to move on and made a complete new appearance with a lot more content which will be feed on a regular basis. As a MATRIX fan I choose not only a green and dark color style but also found the name Fleximus Reloaded appropriate.


Fleximus Reloaded contains mainly a weblog and some project pages. Around these are some basic functionalities of a good website like contact formular, imprint for the german law and some neat statistics.