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Due to incorrect data validation Squid is vulnerable to a denial of service attack when processing specially crafted DNS packets.

Vulnerable versions

Squid still using the obsolete dnsserver are not vulnerable.

The ignore_unknown_nameservers option affects the severity of this vulnerability. When set to "on" (the default) risk is low. When …

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The german antivirus company Avira has published statistics about file extensions used by malware in URLs that may occur in emails or infected websites for January 2010.

The most common extension used by malware is .exe (53.29%) followed by no file extension (18.99%) and the third place goes …

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The ZFS Intent Log ("ZIL") is a mechanism that gathers together in memory transactions of writes, and is flushed onto disk when synchronous semantics is necessary. In the event of crash or power failure, the log is examined and the uncommitted transaction would be replayed to maintain the synchronous semantics …

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