Howto setup Samba Domain Controller on FreeBSD

I - Introduction

Since Samba 4 it is possible to have a full featured Active Directory PDC for your Windows clients without the need to install Windows Server.

In this compact HOWTO we install and configure samba4 on a FreeBSD machine.

Our example server and domain looks like this.

Server Hostnamedc01
Server IP192.168.0.2
DNS Domain
NT4 Domain Namesamdom
Server RoleDC

II - Installation

1a) Install Samba4 from ports

cd /usr/ports/samba4
make config
make install clean

1b) Install Samba4 from package


III - Configuration

1) Provisioning Samba (Setup a new domain)

samba-tool domain provision --use-rfc2307 --interactive

2) Start Samba

Simply start samba using the command

service samba4 start


/usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba4 start

depending on your FreeBSD version or what you prefer to use.



III - Testing your work


IV - Conclusion

Another masterpiece of open source software (namely Samba4) helped us to setup a Windows Domain Controller for Windows Clients on a FreeBSD server. You saved to install a Windows Server product for this, which means you saved costs.

We hope this HOWTO was helpful to you and look forward to your feedback. Thanks!