Howto install Avira AntiVir WebGate on FreeBSD

I - Introduction

AntiVir WebGate is a virus scanning proxy server from the German company Avira known for it's good scanning engine. AntiVir WebGate is a Linux product. This HOWTO shows how you install and configure the software on a FreeBSD server and optionally how to use it together with squid.

II - Preparations

1) Download

Download the product archive directly from the Avira webservers.
root@bsdproxy:/tmp # fetch
If the above command does not work for you, go to product page and download from there.

2) Setup Linux emulation

Follow Howto Setup Linux emulation in FreeBSD instructions.

III - Installation

1) Unpack the download

root@bsdproxy:/root # cd /tmp/
root@bsdproxy:/tmp # tar xzvf antivir-webgate-prof.tar.gz

2) Jump into the Linux emulation

root@bsdproxy:/tmp # /compat/linux/bin/bash

3) Install the product

bash-3.2# pw groupadd antivir
bash-3.2# cd /tmp/antivir-webgate-prof-
bash-3.2# ./install
Do you agree to the license terms? [n] y
Enter the path to your key file: [] /tmp/avira.key
Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avupdate-webgate? [y]
Would you like to setup Scanner update as cron task? [y]
available options: d [2]
Would you like to check for WebGate updates once a week? [n]
Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avwebgate? [y]
Set up boot scripts? [y]
setting up boot script ... failed

 Unable to locate where boot scripts belong.
 You can launch Avira WebGate with:

      /usr/lib/AntiVir/webgate/avwebgate start

Press <ENTER> to continue.
Would you like to activate SMC support? [y]

4) Product update

bash-3.2# /usr/lib/AntiVir/webgate/avupdate-webgate --product=WebGate
bash-3.2# exit

IV - Configuration

Fine, the product is now installed on your FreeBSD system, residing in the Linux emulation.

1) Startup script

You need to create a startup script for WebGate so it will be started upon a reboot.
root@bsdproxy:/tmp # vi /usr/local/etc/rc.d/avwebgate
root@bsdproxy:/usr/local/etc/rc.d # vi /etc/rc.conf

2) Product configuration

Now let's go through the configuration. Edit the file /compat/linux/etc/avira/avwebgate.conf
root@bsdproxy:/root # vi /compat/linux/etc/avira/avwebgate.conf

V - Tests

1) Try a sample virus

Go to the EICAR website and try to download a zip file. If you get a red screen then you're protected by AvWebGate which runs in the Linux Emulation of FreeBSD. Congratulations!

VI - Conclusion